--------========= UCT_ET_China_Tool_v1.07.exe =========-----------

Support for New CPU type : MStar

#[MStar] Pinout Finder (works on USB similar like SPD)
# [MStar] B1/B2 Write/read Nor Flash supported
# [MStar] Search the security code in file
# [MStar] Added new Boot for B1 Family

Support for New CPU type : Qualcomm

* [Qualcomm] Support for Qualcomm CPU based CDMA handsets now working (Beta Testing)
* [Qualcomm] Automatic Pinout Finding for CDMA Phones on Qualcomm CPU (Beta)

New Firmware Update v1.46D

New Firmware update to support pinout finding for MStar and Qualcomm CPU Phones.

Bug Fixes

* [MTK] Fix "Informality Software" for Chang Hong series mobile phone
* [UI] Fixed Word/Buffer write algorithm

Support new flash memories:

* NOR_EN71GL064

* Please Un-Install All Old Versions before installing newer.
* All files ready for download in official setup area.
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UCT Box - Universal China Tool
Link for Details: 13-12-10-uct-v1-07-released-new-cpu-mstar-qualcomm-new-firmware-1-46-bug-fixs-1163051/

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