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Note 1:
we add 3 Solution for this problem after you click Repair unknown baseband and select i9100,procedure start after finishing Solution 1 and phone restart check imei (with *#06#) if solution work you must see your phone imei if you see that you can cLick cancel and enjoy your revived phone if not click on continue and wait until solution 2 finished
do same like after solution 1 (*#06#) work on phone if you get good answer click cancel if not continue for starting last solution if it?s not work too,believe me fellas check for hardware fault

Note 2:
before starting this procedure make sure about your phone EFS not curropted or fully damaged if yes before start this procedure fix efs with our new method read/write efs
after that you can using this procedure

Model list:

-Add SGH-I897 (Flash)
-Add SGH-I997 (Flash)
-Add SGH-T589 (Flash)
-Add SGH-T839 (Flash)
-Add SGH-T959 (Flash)
-Add SGH-T959v(Flash)
-Add SPH-D700 (Flash)
-Add SPH-D720 (Flash)
-Add SPH-M580 (Flash)
-Add SPH-M920 (Flash)
-Add SCH-I100 (Flash)
-Add SCH-I400 (Flash)
-Add SCH-I500 (Flash)
-Add SCH-I510 (Flash)
-Add SCH-I500 (Flash)
-Add C6712 (Flash)
-Add I9100G (Flash)

-Add Special Read & Write EFS (First in world)
Samsung Google Nexus S
Samsung Google Nexus S I9023
Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3
Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5
Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510
Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660
Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670
Samsung Galaxy Pop i559
Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510
Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica
Samsung I7500 Galaxy
Samsung I9100G Galaxy S II
Samsung I8520 Galaxy Beam
Samsung I9010 Galaxy S Giorgio ******
Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II
Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab
Samsung P1010 Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi
Samsung P7100 Galaxy Tab 10.1v
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 P7300
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 P7310
Samsung P6200 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P6210 7.0 Plus
Samsung P7500 Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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