KKDongle Free Update Relaeased !

Windows 7 KKBox/Dongle instalation:

1. Do not install Schlumberger drivers installer because it will fail
2. Plug KKBox/Dongle
3. Windows7 will find new device but cannot install Schlumberger drivers
4. Go to Windows update and let to find required updates
5. Required update for KKBox/Dongle is "Gemalto - Other hardware - e-gate Smart Card", so install it
6. Now system should install new drivers(if not then replug KKBox/Dongle)

or maybe better simple way

Simple KK e-gate vista_win7 32bit drivers installer

Simple KK e-gate Vista_Win7 64bit drivers installer

-Connect KKBox/Dongle , Windows will detect new device
-Run Setup without Unplug KKBox/Dongle
-Unplug & Plug again KKBox/Dongle , Windows will detect new device & install driver Auto

KKBox/KKDongle features :HERE

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