Apple iPhone Unlocking Procedure


Before you can unlock your iPhone, make sure that you have done the following:
- Your computer is connected to the Internet
- You have iTunes version 7.7 or later in your computer

Here are 14 steps to do:

1. Insert your Original SIM card and turn on the iPhone.

2. Open the iTunes program and connect the iPhone to the computer using the USB cable.

3. Wait until your iPhone appears in the Devices and select your iPhone.

4. Open the Summary tab and make sure you can see the information about your iPhone.

5. In the summary screen, click the Restore button.

6. If prompted to back up your iPhone. Make sure that you select or click the Back Up button.
Warning: If you do not back up your iPhone, all your saved media and other data will be erased
and you may not be able to recover it.

7. A confirmation window will appear to restore your iPhone.
Make sure that you select or click the Restore and Update button to continue.

8. Read the “Important Information” displayed on the screen as this will describe to you the
improvements included in the software update version. Click the Next button to continue.

9. You will be prompted to read and agree with the “Software License Agreement”.
Click Agree button to continue.

10. Wait until the process is completed.
Do not interrupt your computer or disconnect the iPhone from the USB cable.
You will notice that the software will be downloaded by your computer from the iTunes store.
A progress message will be displayed during the entire process.

11. This process may take awhile. Depending on your internet connection and the software update file,
this process can take at least 30 minutes.

12. Once your iPhone has been restored, the iPhone will automatically restart.
Do not disconnect your iPhone. Leave it until it re-appears in iTunes.

13. Your iPhone will automatically connect to iTunes store and will be activated and unlocked.

14. You should now be able to use your iPhone with other operator's SIM card.

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