Yamaha Sound System Simulator is an innovative software program that offers a precise and easy-to-use simulation of sound pressure level distribution, frequency response, and other attributes when installing speakers in any type of venue.

Products newly added

* IS1112
* S5, S15, S55
o Hi impedance drive compatible when used with ST15 transformer
o Array or distributed mode could be selected

* S5 is only available in distributed mode
* S5, S15, and S55 speakers and ST15 transformer are available in limited countries
DME EtherSound Satellites:

* DME8o-ES, DME4io-ES

New Features

* "Floor" button on the "Add Speaker" window allows placing the speaker onto the stage floor. Note that this is underneath the listening plane, so may not be visible.
* The subwoofer is placed on the floor initially when a floor subwoofer is selected from the "Add Speaker" window.
* New features for "Project Properties":
o Parameters can be saved as user default setting.
o Project name appears as the title of the Project Report when exported. (HTML file)
o Characters that cannot be used (refer to manual for details) are automatically replaced by underscores ("_") when exporting as Project Report.
* Formats for Project Report, Aspect, and Graph are changed to JPEG from BMP.
* Letters and characters for file names are checked for characters that cannot be used when saving exported Project Reports.

Fixed Bugs

* Last used parameters on-screen are now recalled by default when re-opening a project file.
* Fixed a problem in which images are not exported correctly when the screen color is set to 16 bit. Recommended setting is 32 bit.
* Fixed following problems on "Project Properties":
o A problem in which the graph is updated incorrectly when parameters not used in calculations are input or when no change is made to the settings.
o A problem in which the software terminates automatically unexpectedly when over 255 characters are input.
* Fixed a problem in which "CTRL+O" (Open Project) does not function correctly depending on the placement of the cursor.
* Stability improved during calculations.
* Improved the format of the Project Report .(System Diagram)
* Fixed a problem in which an error message shows when the project is closed showing in either Right-side view or Top view, while another project is open.
* Fixed a problem in which the floor is not shown correctly when viewed from Right-side view or Front view.
* Fixed a problem in which correct amplifier outputs were not shown when subwoofers with nominal impedance other than 8 ohms were selected .(IS1215 and IS1218)

Data revised

* Speaker data has been partially revised. For IS1215, IS1118, and IS1218, filtered characteristics are now used.

Main Features

1. This acoustic simulation software combines the essential elements of Yamaha Professional Audio acoustic technology for all sound handled from input to output, including DSP, amps, speakers, and even the venue's design.
2. The software provides superb accuracy and reliability thanks to the knowledge and experience of the Yamaha Center for Advanced Sound Technologies, which is at the forefront of the world's acoustic technology with its Active Field Control and Acoustic Modeling, and has employed its advanced acoustic technology in the acoustic design of many concert halls.
3. With sophisticated graphic user interface and user-friendly settings wizard, simulation can be performed precisely and easily.
4. You can easily set and change the venue shape, conditions, and other aspects with the wizard, and make graphical visualizations of sound pressure level distribution at receiving points, frequency characteristics graphs, and contour figures. Plus it provides auralization, which lets you hear the sound with your ears using any sound source for even better monitoring.
5. The built-in Yamaha Speaker "Installation Series" library makes it easy to use with the Yamaha Power Amplifier Tn series, PC-N series, XP series, DME64N, DME24N, DME8o, DME4io Digital Mixing Engines and the SP2060 Speaker Processor to facilitate total acoustic system planning.
6. You can generate DDF and DAF data for exporting simulation results to DME64N, DME24N, DME8o, DME4io and SP2060. You can put the simulation result to use in your actual system setup quickly and with little effort.
7. Convenient features such as the auto layout of array speakers and auto setting of speaker parameters are included to conduct the important tasks of speaker selection, positioning, and setting of speaker array.
8. The Yamaha Sound System Simulator is free software that can be downloaded from this web site.


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