Knight Defense HD 1.2 (iPhone) |31 MB

Knight Defense HD offers you gaming like you’ve never seen before. You get chess, a defense game, glow graphics and lots of explosions, altogether in one game. This is a bold, dynamic, addictive application and it is going to challenge your strategizing skills to the max. You’ve never seen the kind of action and game control that Knight Defense offers.

Features :
  • Intelligent interface
  • Awesome, glow graphics
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Lots of exciting explosions
  • Moveable towers
  • Powerful special abilities
  • Ability to control where your enemies go by moving the king
  • Game Center, OpenFeint leaderboards & achievements
  • Move and upgrade your forces in real-time
  • Each level is a hand-crafted scenario with many different ways to win
  • Select from 25 various easy, medium and hard difficulty levels
  • Resume exactly where you left off when you restart the app
  • Game tutorial included
  • Future updates are free

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