first, basics.

SEMC created few types of PDA:

db200x+nexperia (SYMBIAN OS)

such phones have two security type - NEW and OLD.
Identify button will show security type - it will write "NEW SECURITY detected" with NEW security phones.

if is better to install PDA phone drivers and PDA flash drivers before any operation.

phone drivers:
for that you need to download phones.rar from support or from SEMC
turn on phone. in "connections manager->usb" select "normal mode".
now, attach cable.
windows will ask you for drivers, point it to corresponding folder within extracted phones.rar.
you must have "semc xxx usb modem" and "semc xxx application port" if drivers correctly installed.
now, turn phone off and detach it.
flash drivers:
power on smartphone in fw update mode.

- for p990/m600 press and hold "@" on TURNED OFF phone, then attach dcu60.
- for w950,w960,p1 press and hold "C" on TURNED OFF phone, then attach dcu60.

windows will ask you for a drivers. drivers in %setool2 dist%\drivers\Smartphone_Drivers

satio,vivaz,vivaz pro

x10,x10mini,x10mini pro,xperia neo,xperia play,xperia arc, many more upcoming models

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