Pocket Stalin 1.01 Android

Overview: Pocket Stalin is here to answer your most pressing questions! Just shake your phone, and Pocket Stalin will dig into his endless wisdom and guide you to the correct choice.

Requirements: Android 2.0.1+

- Full voice acting with 175 spoken phrases.
- 90 Different yes/no/maybe answers.
- 50 Words of Wisdom.
- A unique magic 8-ball.
- Install to SD card supported (App2SD).

Disclaimer: If you are a head of state, and use Pocket Stalin when making big shot decisions, we cannot take responsibility for any bad consequences or international boycotts that may arise from your poor use of this software. After all, the advice does come from a dictator.

What's in this version:
1-Improved the phrase picker, it will now less often play the same phrases.
2-Improved the voice-pack phrase picker.
3-Bug fixes.

Download Pocket Stalin v1.01 Android

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