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Version 1.32 released!

Added 7 more LG phones and INSTANT UNLOCK for LG CDMA, Alcatel and Huawei phones!


Added Models:

KH1600, KU1700, KU6000
- Read/Write NVM
- Factory reset
- Unlock
- Repair IMEI

KU9000, KU9100, KU9300, KU9600
- Read/Write NVM
- Factory reset
- Unlock
- Repair Bluetooth
- Repair IMEI

New features:

LG6300, RD6300, LG6210, RD6210, LG6160, RD6160
- Read/Write NVM
- Flash Firmware

Remote services: INSTANT UNLOCK for LG phones by ESN and by MEID
- Most of LG CDMA phones supported

Remote services: INSTANT UNLOCK for Huawei phones by IMEI
- The following models are supported: G6620, G20, G6608, G7210

Remote services: INSTANT UNLOCK for Alcatel phones by IMEI
- The following models are supported: X030, X200, 090X, 103A, 103X, 104A, 105A,
105X, 106X, 108X, 109X, 112X, 113X, 140X, 150X, 203A, 203EX, 203X, 204X, 205X,
206X, 208A, 208X, 209A, 209X, 213A, 213X, 214A, 214X, 216X, 222A, 222X, 223A,
223X, 250X, 252X, 255A, 255DX, 255X, 260CX, 280X, 300A, 300X, 301A, 301X,
303A, 303X, 304X, 305A, 305X, 306A, 306X, 315MX, 315X, 352X, 355A, 355DX,
355X, 356A, 360A, 361A, 361X, 362X, 363A, 363X, 380X, 383A, 383X, 455X, 505KX,
505X, 506A, 506DX, 506X, 508A, 540X, 543X, 565A, 565KX, 565X, 600A, 600X,
602A, 602DX, 602X, 606A, 606X, 660A, 660X, 665A, 665X, 708A, 708X, 710A,
710DX, 710KX, 710X, 7110A, 799A, 799X, 800A, 800X, 802A, 802X, 802YX, 803A,
803DX, 803X, 806A, 806DX, 806X, 807A, 807DX, 807X, 808A, 808GX, 808MX, 808X,
813A, 813DX, 813X, 818A, 818X, 819DX, 819X, 828A, 828X, 880A, 880X, 888A,
888DX, 888X, 900A, 900M, 900X, 901A, 901N, 901S, 905A, 905X, 907D, 907N,
AM01X, B331X, BF31C, BF31W, BF32W, BF41L, BF41M, BF41W, BF42L, BF51G, BG31A,
BG31C, BG31G, BG31L, BG31P, BG32A, BG32C, BG32G, BG32L, BG33C, BG33G, BG33L,
BG34C, BG34G, BG34L, BG35C, BG36C, BH41I, BH41S, BH41V, BL11A, BL11D, BL12D,
C551A, C551X, C552A, C552X, C652A, C652X, C700A, C701A, C701X, C707X, C710DX,
C717A, C717X, C750A, C750X, C819DX, C820A, C825X, C***1, C***2, EL03A, EL03X,
EL05A, EL05X, F0Z9X, F121X, F122X, F330X, F331X, I650A, I650X, I780X, I802X,
I808X, I880X, I898X, I900, I905X, KR01A, KR01X, M160X, M161X, M180X, M181AA,
M181AX, M181X, M260X, M265X, M280X, M288X, M290A, M290X, M295A, M295X, M298X,
M390X, M395X, MD01X, MD02A, MD02X, MS01A, MS01X, MS02X, PB01A, PB01X, Q3X,
S122X, S215A, S218X, S319A, S319X, S320X, S321A, S520A, S520X, S521A, S521X,
S621X, S626A, S626X, S853A, S853X, S860X, T208X, T218X, T255X, T355X, ***1V,
***2V, ***3V, ***4V, TH41V, TH42A, TH42V, V345X, V350X, V555A, V555X, V570A,
V570X, V607A, V670A, V670X, V770A, V770X.

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