Hello all,

I would like to "program" a Mediatek MT625X (aka MTK625X) feature phone processor. By "program", I mean that would like to be able to compile my own custom source code, generate a binary file and then flash the apropriate memory IC connected to the MT625X. I have seen several flash tools and *.bin flash files lying around on the web, but I have yet to spot an SDK IDE tool (that supports MTK chips) that can generate flash files from source code. Mediatek does not seem to have such a IDE that is available online while at the same time impeding everyone (unless you are one the big boy companies) to become a customer.
Given the amount of flash files I have seen on the web, I believe that others (enthusiasts mostly) must have found a way to modify and customize their own phones to suit their desired purposes. I cannot fathom that all the flash files are simply binaries that were just read back from the memory using flash tools. I imagine that at least some of them must have been developped from almost-scrath or by other means. Basically what I am looking for is some SW tool (and guidance/advice/tutorial/examples) for programing MT625Xs the same way one programs a MSP430 MCU with TI's IAR IDE. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to locate such an IDE, one that permits to see/develop the source code - free or otherwise. As I am posting this question I realize that there must be tons of info on how one can do this but I have yet to find something resembling a definite answer to my question/request. I have seen so many (so VERY many actually) flash tools and flash files and request for flash files that I feel flooded with search possibilities. Many forums (this one included and I thank them for that) are very kindly describing how one goes about to a flash a phone... but that is not what I am looking for.
All and any help will be appreciated.

And lastly, I would like to ask to all who make who make flash files available to all (via a forum or other site/media):
From where do you obtain/generate the *.bin flash files you are posting/uploading? I just want to get a GENERAL idea as from where and how those customized flash files are originating. No need answer with specific details, answers such as:
- <I modified source code, recompiled and then build binary flash file.>
- <I read flash file from XXXX phone with XXXX box/tool, used firmware editor to modify code and then flashed phone with it.>
will do just fine

Some additional info:
Any MT62XX example should be also fine, IDE-wise.
I am not necessarily looking for freeware.
I am hesitant on purchasing any SW unless I see some reference that it supports the MT625X series.
It will not end up in a phone, probably end up in a custom-made gadget device, so there should be no existing flash file out there for me.
I would like to disable modules that may be always ON in a regular phone (eg: disaplay & keyboard for example) -so need access to source code or equivalent.
MT625X was released in 2011 and runs on the Nucleus RTOS platform. However other MediaTek ICs have been around for much longer.

Regards (and thank you),

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